Starting a TypeScript Project

Installing TypeScript with Node Package Manager

In order to start a new TypeScript project, you'll probably want the typescript package installed. Run the below command to do so.

npm install -g typescript

Once that completes, you can verify the install was successful by running the command tsc --version. If everything went smoothly, you'll see something like the below, of course with whatever version you happened to install.

tsc --version
Version 3.8.3

Creating the TypeScript Project

Navigate to the directory you want to create your new TypeScript project in and run the command

tsc --init

This will initialize that directory with a tsconfig.json file. That file tells the TypeScript compiler that this directory contains a TypeScript project, and that files within the directory can be compiled from TypeScript to JavaScript.

A Quick Little Program

Let's make some magic happen. Create a new file app.ts and add the following code in the file.

const accomplishment = () => {
  console.log(`You just made this program! High five!`);


Great. We've got our TypeScript file, but it isn't something that Node can natively run. That's no problem though, we've got TypeScript installed to compile it to JavaScript something Node does understand.

Run the below to compile app.ts.

tsc app.ts

You should see a new file app.js was created at that point right next to your existing app.ts. You can now use node to natively run that with a simple...

node app.js

and you'll see the text "You just made this program! High five!" displayed in the terminal.

It's a small little program, literally just a few lines of code, but a program nonetheless and a TypeScript one at that.


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